Virtual Reality

The perfect blend of Animation and Immersion:

When somebody watches a Gobstar Film, our hope is always to see them get lost in not just the story but also the world. For this to happen traditionally, animators had to rely on highly captivating storlines and beautiful visuals. In 2018 with VR however, there is a new ingredient to the mix : a sense of presence in a story. 

The importance of 


Great films have the power to captivate inspire and even educate. However, when you turn off the TV or leave the cinema you are always left, rightfully so with the feeling that it was just a film, it wasnt real. 

Though VR is still a young medium, it is evident that audiences leave the experience with a much different experience. An example of this is a friend of ours who told us recently about his young daughter who had tried the Apollo 11 VR experience. Weeks later, his daughter was still refering to Buzz Aldrin as Buzz. Why? Because Buzz gave her the thumbs up when she was on the rocket to the moon.

With VR, when you you put the headset down, you walk away with memories not only of the story, characters and plot but also that feeling, I was there. When you have the headset on, and there is a character standing infront of you, you feel a far more intimate sensation. This isnt an animated character, this being exists.

With this in mind, we are very excited about VR and the future it holds for us. If you don't believe us, try for yourself. 


Believable characters

Believable characters are believable for a lot of reasons. Whether its spending hours and hours heatedly debating something small like whether a character would/should or could put a glass of milk in the fridge or whether its the graphical and aural fidelity of their appearance and voice, all of these things add up on the believablity scale.

It all starts however, with a script.



Cutting Edge Technology

Though story and characters are always the most important thing for us, lets face it, its nice when the visuals are nice too.

In order to achieve this, we use Motion Capture, Realtime Graphics and high quality digital assets in order to fast forward through the boring technical parts, to the fun part, creativity. 

Its nice when constructing worlds to edit inside that world from time to time as well. Unfortunately for us however, we can't bring a cup of tea with us into our virtual worlds. Yet?